Dearest Bride and Inquirers,

I have been putting this moment on hold for so long, wanting to write the perfect words to introduce my business and myself. However, I am just going to have at this and be as real and honest as I possibly can. Lets face it, being authentic is one of the greatest gifts we can give to one another.

Recently, I looked through an album of wedding photos that my very talented friend had taken. I scrolled through the moments captured. Click, Click, pretty bride, click, pretty details…click click click, laughing bride, happy Mom, bridesmaids holding hands, click click click….My pace sped up and eventually I just kept my finger pressed to the scroll button. I watched a slide show of a few thousand images that reached into my heart of hearts and pulled out a BOASTING, joyful laugh. I stopped for one image: It was the happy couple finally together. The groom’s proud smirk, and the bride’s wide- eyed grin and that captured moment took my breath away. A kiss, twirls, hug, smooch, and a smile left my laughter to turn into happy tears! That is why I have chosen to focus my career toward bringing beauty to brides all over the country. I believe in this. I believe in love. We all want to change the world, don’t we? Marriage, to me, is one way we change the world. Weddings build families and communities and they ring in new life with beautiful ceremony.

I have been a creative and an artist since day one! I took my first small steps into the beauty industry in 2008 and I never imagined it would have taken me through so many great adventures. As a hairstylist in Pittsburgh, I worked with incredibly talented women and I gained an amazing and lovely clientele. From Pittsburgh, life took me to Los Angeles where I pursued a career as a free lance makes up artist. In Los Angeles, I gained experience working on set. I credit a lot of how I do things now to the time spent working behind the scenes.In February of 2014, I heard a calling in my heart to move to Nashville. I sat up out of bed, on a normal Tuesday morning, and as soon as the sun reached my face I heard the words booming in my heart, “Move to Nashville”. While I did pack my bags and hit the road with my beloved dog Bug, it took us a little while to get here. It is a long beautiful, funny story of how I finally got to Nashville, but I am so glad that I did. I officially arrived in January of 2015 and have loved and cherished every minute of it.

So that is my story, and I would love to hear yours! I love being an artist and I love this industry. More than anything, I love being able to come along side you, with a joyful servants heart, on the day that you and your love change the world. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of that. It is so tenderly tied to my happy heart.

Blush on Brides,