amy brandt_0569Here is the thing I have come to know about Amy, through dinners, glasses of wine and birthday bashes, I am pretty sure that this girl deserves the world, only better. Amy is just one of those lights, one of those girls that you are 99% sure her heart beats just a little louder then everyone else’s. She is amazing.

So needless to say, I was more than excited to be a part of Amy’s day! Sharing happiness of great people is the best motivator when it comes to this business. I was ready from the moment my tires rolled onto that sweet 30A pavement! It will never grow old to me, how different weddings can be held in the same place but the day will have an entirely different vibration from the unique love that is being celebrated. Needless to say, I was praying Amy would have every wish met on this day.

Wouldn’t you know- it rained cats and dogs. The rain drops weren’t even normal sized they were MASSIVE and felt as if they were the size of eyeballs. So it rained. No one seemed to fuss over the rainy weather. We breezed through and knew that today we were going to celebrate Amy and Brandt and give glory to God, in any weather. Something Amy has taught all of us, in an “actions speak louder than words”, kind of way. The Amy way.

The rain clouds parted, the hair was set, lips were painted and we were ready to roll. It was really neat how Wesleyann was able to capture the day through the rainy mist. I mean these photos are some of my absolute favorite.

I think rain is beautiful. I think it washes away so much. It turns dust to mud and brings forth flowers. In a way, I almost feel as if those eyeball sized raindrops were rolling right off God’s happy cheeks for His beloved little girl. I think that is how God see’s all of us. As his precious babes and He delights and shares in all of it. Once the rain set side, the most Incredible sunset painted the Rosemary sky and it was time to bat those lashes and get movin’, onto the next part of life, onto the dance floor, onto the happily ever after.

Dorsey is the definition of lovely. She is Charming, Exquisitely Beautiful and her beauty appeals to the eyes, hearts and minds of all that surround her. A radiant glow of smiles and cheerful laughter seem to follow her into every room. Dorsey made a truly beautiful bride and lucky for us- her family and friends were just as wonderful as she was!

I loved the time I had with Dorsey’s mother, she told me about the day she got married and how she only wore a little bit of lipstick. No make up, just a little lipstick. Now as a make up artist I thought…not on my watch! However, I love this concept and the story. The story of her ditching the original dress for one she loved more. The story of her showing her true colors and sticking to them! That is beautiful.

My Job, as a make up artist, is to correct and conceal, to highlight and enhance. However, for my brides…it is more than that. Each one being so different both in spirit and in looks, I feel it is truly my job to celebrate the unique beauty that each one is. True to her radiant disposition, and the lovely nature of the woman who raised her, it only made sense that “just a little bit” was all it took to set this bride a glow.


Congratulations to Dorey & Todd!

Special Thanks to Jen & Chris Creed | Photographers –

I am currently sitting at my dining table in Los Angeles, California. Well, it once was my dining room table but now belongs to a new mis-match family of Angelenos. Some people refer to the people they share their homes with as roomates, and other simply post them all under Family. I am the latter, and having stayed here to attend some business in LA, I feel like I am their leftover fifth family member. They have graciously welcomed me back into their new home, and my old home for lots of laughter and coffee! How fun is that?

Family is so important, and I am so excited to get share these images of this wonderful family! This family has to be one of the most fun loving families I have ever spent time with. The sound of laughter echo’s throughout whatever space they fill. They truly support one another, and celebrate each other as individuals and as a unit. It has been such a blessing to be a part of their lives!

When Steph first came for her trial, she had very little requests and was super relaxed. This isn’t typical of my blushin’ brides, due to the details that need to be aligned just before the big day. However, Steph is a beautiful, easy-going, sweet heart…my favorite kind of girl! She only had one real request. She wanted to cover up her freckles! Well, Break my heart! As a huge fan of freckles, this isn’t something I love to hear. None the less, I chose to apply a sculpted more playful look which varied greatly from her every day natural. Bye-Bye Freckles! This was so fun to see her check out a whole new look.

The morning of the wedding, jitters buzzed and the girls came rolling in. Each one was such a blast! Steph came in glowing and ready to marry her beloved Sam. This time, she said, ”Leave the freckles…”, and we did! I loved it, and so did she. She looked beautiful, and effortless and I am sure her new hubby was more then elated to see every other freckle on her beautiful face.


Images have been captured by Sewickley Photography

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Angie was the most perfect Blush + Honey Bride, to our delight she came along with the most wonderful mother and sister. Three bright smiles lit up the beautiful space at Swank Salon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. One of my favorite memories with Angie was during our trial when she began telling me about her beloved Fiancé. She said, “Oh, Tony. He is a real good time…”, and then we giggled and celebrated her contagious happy heart. Her beauty shone from with in, something special that radiates beyond any glow of the airbrush.

Congratulations to the Happy couple and special thanks to Brittney and Mary for being such a blast!
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Haley has got to be one of the sweetest and most fun loving girls I know! Planning all of the special details can put any bride in a tizzy, but she remained calm and joyful throughout her entire day. ‘Detail’ should be Haley’s middle name! The entire venue was gracefully decorated with sentimental photo’s, love notes and charming treasures to bring the night to life. Ambiance and personal touches set this wedding apart from all the rest!

I knew with a personality like Haley’s, her look needed to make a statement but also required a delicate touch. The key factors to this look were Lush lashes from MAC Cosmetics, and the perfect lip for a bit of spice! A beautiful girl from the inside out, Haley pulled this look off flawlessly. Trust me when I say, all eyes were on this bride!


**Photography by Hot Metal Studios**


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