Every Other Freckle

I am currently sitting at my dining table in Los Angeles, California. Well, it once was my dining room table but now belongs to a new mis-match family of Angelenos. Some people refer to the people they share their homes with as roomates, and other simply post them all under Family. I am the latter, and having stayed here to attend some business in LA, I feel like I am their leftover fifth family member. They have graciously welcomed me back into their new home, and my old home for lots of laughter and coffee! How fun is that?

Family is so important, and I am so excited to get share these images of this wonderful family! This family has to be one of the most fun loving families I have ever spent time with. The sound of laughter echo’s throughout whatever space they fill. They truly support one another, and celebrate each other as individuals and as a unit. It has been such a blessing to be a part of their lives!

When Steph first came for her trial, she had very little requests and was super relaxed. This isn’t typical of my blushin’ brides, due to the details that need to be aligned just before the big day. However, Steph is a beautiful, easy-going, sweet heart…my favorite kind of girl! She only had one real request. She wanted to cover up her freckles! Well, Break my heart! As a huge fan of freckles, this isn’t something I love to hear. None the less, I chose to apply a sculpted more playful look which varied greatly from her every day natural. Bye-Bye Freckles! This was so fun to see her check out a whole new look.

The morning of the wedding, jitters buzzed and the girls came rolling in. Each one was such a blast! Steph came in glowing and ready to marry her beloved Sam. This time, she said, ”Leave the freckles…”, and we did! I loved it, and so did she. She looked beautiful, and effortless and I am sure her new hubby was more then elated to see every other freckle on her beautiful face.


Images have been captured by Sewickley Photography

Steph Sam-01 Details-0001

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