Just A Little Lipstick

Dorsey is the definition of lovely. She is Charming, Exquisitely Beautiful and her beauty appeals to the eyes, hearts and minds of all that surround her. A radiant glow of smiles and cheerful laughter seem to follow her into every room. Dorsey made a truly beautiful bride and lucky for us- her family and friends were just as wonderful as she was!

I loved the time I had with Dorsey’s mother, she told me about the day she got married and how she only wore a little bit of lipstick. No make up, just a little lipstick. Now as a make up artist I thought…not on my watch! However, I love this concept and the story. The story of her ditching the original dress for one she loved more. The story of her showing her true colors and sticking to them! That is beautiful.

My Job, as a make up artist, is to correct and conceal, to highlight and enhance. However, for my brides…it is more than that. Each one being so different both in spirit and in looks, I feel it is truly my job to celebrate the unique beauty that each one is. True to her radiant disposition, and the lovely nature of the woman who raised her, it only made sense that “just a little bit” was all it took to set this bride a glow.


Congratulations to Dorey & Todd!

Special Thanks to Jen & Chris Creed | Photographers – www.jenandchriscreed.com

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